Pit stop

Out in the bay

January 9th 2019

We don’t officially take over the house boat till the end of January, but since kevin has taken on the job of checking the pumps once a day we go out there to day dream frequently. Yesterday the sun shined on us and it was glorious. We celebrated the end of the day with Port and Popcorn, in beautiful dishes by Paige Coull, and watched as the sun dipped below the trees and the bay flooded with that dreamy-dusky- evening light.

( Pottery by Paige Coull )


C&H Resurrection

I recently got a receipt from Pay pal for a wordpress blog that I haven’t touched in almost two years, so I figured maybe I would resurrect Compass & Hatchet to document our newly acquired project. This idea also perfectly aligns with the new year and my ┬áresolution to take more photos, do more writing, document more, set aside more time to be creative. 2017 and 2018 were big years for us, marriage, baby, house. Navigating our relationship, trying to make ends meat, in a way that afforded us lots of time with our babe. I feel like there was a lot of struggle, but also lots of joy. I don’t want to back track too much, but I felt like I owed it to the linear legacy of this blog to add that little (giant) piece.

In Photos, here are the highlights: