Sunday’s Photos

Ok, now I feel up to date. A few weeks ago I packed up some special bits and pieces and said a temporary good bye to my beloved (and freezing) Bus home and Farm full of Beautiful Babies. September marked the 2 year anniversary of my move from my Coastal home on the island to the interior of B.C. and I had really started to miss my beloved sea side dwelling friends and family. I am planning to spend the winter catching up, making art, doing some schooling and visiting all the nature.


Eye Candy for bus lovers.

At some point in the last few months the Bus Life Adventure blog asked me some questions about my bus. It was a fun little chit chat that if you should find yourself interested you can read here:Buslifeadventure

I spent a lot of time googling my way around the world wide web snooping through photos of people who had converted school busses into homes and so it’s my duty to post and share photos of what I’ve down so far. I am constantly moving things around, and when I have extra $ I’ll start working on the bigger things that need to happen ( a kitchen, a real floor…) so here we are….



Tal’s Flowers

Talya Wood, a key member of the Rainshadow Growers Collective, has an extraordinary eye for floral arrangements. Being surrounded by her beautiful bouquets and walking through the garden full of colourful flowers was super pleasing to the old senses. She sure is gifted and I am so looking forward to watching her progress with her cut flower business in the future.

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